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A Holiday Appeal for the Animals

Dear Friends,

Imagine our community with 500 fewer homeless animals. That’s 500 fewer cats and dogs wondering where their next meals will come from, where they will sleep and whether or not they’ll ever be loved. Imagine nearly 2,000 feral cats spayed and neutered, which ultimately could mean tens of thousands fewer homeless cats in the future.

This is exactly the change you helped
Independent Animal Rescue make in 2014!

As 2014 comes to a close, we ask you to take a moment to support our efforts with a generous donation. Your gift will help us to defray the cost of food, essential supplies, medications, and veterinary care for the 3,000 dogs and cats we hope to help in 2015 and to meet our fundraising goal of $40,000 by year’s end.

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We rely on generous donors like you to provide the support animals like Jake and Stuart need to survive.

JakeJake was an older, matted, heartworm-positive dog that landed in a full shelter and was not going to be given a chance at adoption. IAR was his only hope for avoiding euthanasia. We rescued Jake, gave him a second chance and showed him the life of love and comfort that every dog should have. Jake is now happy, healthy and moved into his adoptive home just in time for the Holidays! Thank you IAR!


StuartStuart was found injured, starving, and walking on only three legs. His fourth leg was stuck in his collar, creating a large, infected wound. IAR cared for Stuart through a long, slow recovery. Eventually we found an old newspaper article; Stuart was the beloved companion of a young boy receiving specialized care at Duke Hospital while his family, from out of town, stayed in a recreational vehicle to be near him. Stuart had escaped from the vehicle and after much searching the family returned home without him. Stuart and an overjoyed boy are now reunited and he continues to heal.

Will you help our volunteers help animals like
Jake and Stuart in 2015?

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This is your opportunity to join us in our mission as we work to end animal abuse and homelessness in our community.  Your donation translates into a second chance for an animal that might not otherwise have one. Your dollars turn into veterinary care, food, hope and happy endings for animals that so deserve them. Please, take action right now to help us reach our year-end goal of $40,000.

Thank you for partnering with IAR and for caring about those who need us most. From all of us here at IAR, we wish you and your loved ones every happiness this holiday season and we look forward to continuing our lifesaving work as we welcome a bright new year!

Alan Dow
President, Independent Animal Rescue


2014 Successes
to Date

2,329 animals served
(up 31% from 2013)

552 cats and dogs now happily living with grateful families

1,777 animals safely spayed/neutered
Why Support Independent Animal Rescue?
Since 1994 our all-volunteer organization has worked to bring about a time where there are no more homeless, neglected, or suffering companion animals in the Triangle. A no-kill animal welfare organization comprised of animal foster homes, IAR has matched thousands of dogs and cats with loving owners.

How Can You Help?
A donation of $25 can feed three cats for one month

Your gift of $50 can vaccinate an entire litter of puppies

$100 will spay or neuter and vaccinate a cat

A donation of $500 provides the full cost of veterinary care for a litter of kittens

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Home for the Holidays!

Congratulations to Kira, Saoirse, Imber, Button, Sissy, Drake, Trixie Tang, Echo, Lucy, Charlie, Polly, Indy, Abbie, Aimee, Enzo, Wendy, Ethan, Shiitake, Oyster, Jill, Huck, Arwen, Blackberry, Siena, Friday, Dimmy, Inca, Betty, Annabelle, Addison, Foxy Lady, Amory, Frosty, Madeline, Bonnie, Clyde, Mulligan , Prince, and Barkley for finding their forever homes this holiday season! Can you find a place in your heart for one of our other IAR animals?

Did You Know: Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from ailurophobia, an extreme fear of cats. This brave emperor would tremble and sweat profusely if he thought there was a cat nearby.
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