Iggy Pup

8 Year Old • 19 lb • Male

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Physical Description: Iggy Pup is a black and tan beagle with floppy ears, big brown eyes, and black eyeliner. Small enough to carry. Cute as heck.

Personality: Iggy Pup is as sweet and loving as can be, and is very mild mannered and mellow. Quick to befriend anyone new that he meets, he loves to snuggle up beside you or climb in your lap. Iggy will even let you carry him around like a baby. Iggy is also great with other dogs--in fact, he really enjoys being social--and he has gotten lots of pets from kids without any objection (he'll never object to pets!). He loves outdoor time spent rolling in the grass and tracking smells around the yard. But Iggy is also happy chilling inside, especially when there's a rug or blanket or lap he can get cozy in. He also does well in his crate, where he sleeps peacefully through the night in his foster home (he'd rather sleep with you though). He's an absolute darling who can't wait to be your loyal companion! He does love a chance to get out and run around on his own (not as a running companion), and so is more fond of free roaming in a yard than in taking long leash-led walks. Iggy most likely didn't spend a lot of time on leash in his previous life, but he's getting the hang of it. The perfect home for Iggy is one where people are home a lot and have a fenced yard.

History: Iggy Pup was found as a stray and was taken to a rural shelter, where he lived for a month before entering his IAR foster home, where he lives with kitties he'd like to be friends with (they're warming up to the idea).

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Young Kids: Yes

Good with Older Kids: Yes

Health Information: Iggy Pup just entered IAR in mid-June and has had his routine vaccines, meds, and microchip, and has tested negative for heartworm. He is recently neutered. The IAR vets think he's 8-10 years old. He had a number of teeth pulled due to decay, so it's best for him to eat soft foods.

IAR Sponsored Training: IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall (www.cheerydogs.com) to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.

IAR ID#: D-17-103