Black Cat Friday

Join us at a special adoption event featuring our black cats on Black (Cat) Friday.
November 25th, 2016
South Square Petco

Can't make it to the event? Meet our Black Cats online:


East is rambunctious! He loves to explore with his sisters. He is also huge snuggler and he is a purr box. East, would love to be adopted with one of his sisters! South, West, North, and Spirit!


Leo is a purring machine. He loves to play with his brothers. He also loves to hide around the corner waiting to pounce on the next dog or cat coming around the corner. He loves to hang in the office with his foster and attacks the printer when it spits out paper.


Josh is a confident and independent kitten. He sits back and carefully observes the shenanigans of his litter mates. He is always the last kitten to come to us for attention, but he is very appreciative of a snuggle. He will curl up in your lap if you're available, but he will sit back, relax or entertain himself if necessary.


Baily has a very quiet nature and is very sweet. She enjoys attention, and is quick to show her affection.


Gabe is such a sweet kitten! He will cuddle up for pets and stay in your lap forever. He also has a playful streak and loves to wrestle with his litter mates. He enjoys spending time with his sister Sunita.

Charlie Chaplin (Charlie)

Charlie enjoys playing with his toys and naps at the top of his climbing post in the home cubbie. Charlie also plays with his siblings, LeLee and Mr Fluffles.


West is a loving, little kitten. She chases her brother and sisters around the house. She will beg to be picked up and held.

Mr. Fluffles (Fluffy)

Mr. Fluffles is a true charmer and full of purrs. He's the first to greet you at the door with rubs on your leg; a true sweetheart!


Blossom is very quiet and a little shy, but she loves attention and affection. Blossom is not shy about returning this affection with much rubbing and loud purrs.


Erwin is a confident cat with a big personality! He enjoys interactive toys and loves being the center of attention. He is independent, but can be a lap cat at times, and enjoys assisting his foster mom at the computer. Erwin is assertive in going after what he wants, and may let you know if he does not think you are paying enough attention to him.

Mr. Binx

Mr. Binx is a sweet and gentle cat who cannot get enough head rubs. He is a very curious cat, and it's quite fun to watch him wander around the apartment and stare at objects such as the dishwasher inquisitively. Binx loves to lounge around the apartment and flop and roll around on the carpet.

Lucky Luke

Luke is shy at first but once he warms up to you he is such a love bug! Luke is certainly lucky to find himself in the IAR program as he was found in an abandoned house with no one to feed or care for them.


Erin is a big ball of energy crammed into a tiny package. When she's not busy tussling with her brother and favorite playmate, Murphy, Erin can be found climbing every cat tree she can find or hunting for the next teaser toy to attack.


Oliver is a laid back and gentle kitten. He loves to be held, petted, played and cuddled with. Ollie rolls over for tummy rubs and loves to play with his foster siblings, especially his foster mate Dodger. They are both singletons that are quite bonded.


Jake is a very sweet and confident little cat. When he first came he was a little shy but not anymore. He gets along with cats and even likes the dog. His favorite thing is to jump in my lap, rollover on his back and squirm around while I pet him.


David is bold and curious. He has a strong sense of adventure and loves to explore. He is incredibly sweet and is always the first of his litter mates to greet us. He loves to cuddle and starts purring before we even start to pet him! He would love a forever home where he can create a strong bond with his family and get showered with affection.


LeLee is inspired by Leila Ali. When she approaches something she is unsure about, she boxes it. She has a sweet purr and is learning about the world.

Sister Rita

Rita has a sparkle in her eye as she chases the feather toy and then jumps up for some rubbing under her chin. This girl is easygoing, sweet and fun and loves to hang out with her brother Sebastian. Rita is the leader of her pack of two and always content to snuggle up for a nap.