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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on Friday, November 28! Meet your new best friend at an adoption event this weekend or browse our black kitties online.


Kuma is a sweet little kitten! She loves to play, but also enjoys kicking back and watching the kittens in her foster home do all the rough and tumble work. Little Kuma also loves to be held and snuggles into your neck, all while purring, and she never wants to be put down.


Peewee (formerly Pecan) totally had me fooled. When he first joined our household, I thought he was a little shy. Nothing unusual, just slightly hesitant when he first met folks. But in fact, what he is is smart. He's not scared, he's observant.


Dizzy is a member of the Jazzy Kitty family. He's a funny boy---jumps on his foster mom's back {with minimal scratching ;0} whenever she bends over---to scoop, fill bowls, etc--and rides around snuggling with her hair and purring loudly. Dizzy loves to wrestle with his sibs, explore every space in the room and just hang out being cute!


Percy got his name because no matter what's going on, if he's awake, he's purring. He is very energetic and playful, but he also LOVES to cuddle and take naps with his human. He's incredibly trusting and overall one of the most friendly cats I've ever seen.

Tillman (Tilly)

Tilly is a really neat kitten. He is a very fun loving, playful little guy who is really fun to watch. He likes to cuddle and loves to talk to you. He really is the life of the party, and so sweet!

Mama Boo-Boo

'Mama' came to us with the name Boo-Boo. She was a great mom to a few of our kittens, and so became known as Mama Boo-Boo. Mama is a small kitty with delicate features. She is very gentle, loving and affectionate and always likes to see where you are and what you are doing.


This very sweet, loving and active guy likes to play with a toy mouse or a wand toy, or anything that moves, especially his best friend, Simon! After he has had a busy time playing he likes to curl up in his foster mom's lap.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is an absolute sweetie who has loved people from day one! Although she doesn't tend to do much lap perching, she will eagerly greet her foster mom and lay close to her to watch TV. She is a prize-winning nuzzler and loves having her belly rubbed! She will often climb onto the back of the couch and affectionately rub all over the top of her foster mom's head.


Cleo is an adorable little girl with physical and behavioral traits indicative of the Egyptian Mau breed. Cleo and her sister Isis were rescued near an abandoned semi tractor trailer near RDU airport when they were about 3 months old. Cleo is an outgoing and affectionate kitty who loves attention and comes when called to relax in your arms, loves to be stroked endlessly and kissed on the head.


Jax is an all around lover boy. His purr motor starts the moment he sees you and goes nonstop while jumping into your lap. He is a delightful kitten, extremely sweet, friendly, playful and loving. Jax is current on vaccines, litter box trained and scheduled to be neutered mid-July.


Ella (Fitzgerald) is a member of the JAZZY KITTY FAMILY. She is super sweet and playful with her sibs and human family. Ella loves to ride on her foster moms' shoulders and purr in their ears. She's the only girl in the litter AND the runt, but has a big personality, and holds her own with her 5 brothers.


Isis and her sister Cleo were rescued from an abandoned tractor trailer out near RDU Airport when they were about 3 months old. Isis is a quirky, quiet girl most of the time. From a window perch, she loves to watch...


Chino is the bravest of his brothers and always the first to check out anything new. He is always happy to see you and enjoys his petting time. He is a sweet, friendly and affectionate kitten who enjoys getting attention.


From her perfect little angelic head to her winning disposition, Ellie is an absolute sweetheart. She has a large vocabulary of coos, trills, purrs and meows and loves talking to and hanging out with her people (on a lap or nearby). Throw her favorite spring toy or twist tie and she'll bring it back to you: she's the fetching champion of the world.


Austin is the type of kitten who starts purring the moment you come into a room because he is so happy to see you. He'll nuzzle his little head into your hand and expose his belly to get as many tummy rubs as possible.


Bagheera (BG) is a super friendly guy who loves being petted and is always ready for a chat. He has been on the outside for quite some time and really, truly wants to live the life of an indoor cat, getting fed on a regular basis, rolling on his back for belly rubs, and drooling with happiness as you scratch behind his ears.


Orpheus can sometimes be a mellow cat sitting on the windowsill soaking up some sun, but he tends to be playful as well. He's also very affectionate, and will let you pet/scratch him for a while, and blink and lick to say thank you.

Did You Know: Cats are the only animals that purr. They can purr at around 26 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.
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