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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on Friday, November 28! Meet your new best friend at an adoption event this weekend or browse our black kitties online.


Bonbon is spunky and playful, her constant antics will make you laugh out loud! She is fearless, brave and also soft and sweet at the same time. She loves to run and chase ANY of the kittens and adult cats or dogs in her foster home! She is particularly fond of her foster brother Nougat and her foster sister Praline who are about the same size and age as she is.


Peewee (formerly Pecan) is a quiet and observant young cat. Mellow is his middle name and he has many of the attributes (if not the size) of a Maine Coon. He's a little timid around strangers but given the space, he warms up quickly.


Javi is a cuddler! Loves to be around people and climb all over them. He is very sweet and has a big personality. He also is very playful and loves chasing after his sibling. He adores every cat in the household and makes new friends easily.


Ellie is a beauty with a lovely personality to match. She's a little nervous around new people, but once she's used to you, she's a darling. She utters a sweet little cooing meow when she's excited (when you come home, for example, or when there are birds in the window).


friendly black kitten


Skye is an amazing and absolutely delightful cat. She is gorgeous, petite, very sweet, playful and quite the talker! Skye is affectionate and loves to be close to her human. She will make a wonderful lifelong companion. She is spayed, current on vaccinations, micro-chipped and litter box trained.


Cleo is an adorable little girl with physical and behavioral traits indicative of the Egyptian Mau breed. Cleo and her sister Isis were rescued near an abandoned semi tractor trailer near RDU airport when they were about 3 months old. Cleo is an outgoing and affectionate kitty who loves attention and comes when called to relax in your arms, loves to be stroked endlessly and kissed on the head.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is an absolute sweetie who has loved people from day one! Although she doesn't tend to do much lap perching, she will eagerly greet her foster mom and lay close to her to watch TV. She is a prize-winning nuzzler and loves having her belly rubbed! She will often climb onto the back of the couch and affectionately rub all over the top of her foster mom's head.


Isis and her sister Cleo were rescued from an abandoned tractor trailer out near RDU Airport when they were about 3 months old. Isis is a quirky, quiet girl most of the time. From a window perch, she loves to watch...


Peeps is that wonderful combination of purry affection and charming goofiness. He approaches life with wonder and boldness and will even venture into the shower when the water is running! He and his sister Pansy can usually be found together, playing with toys, exploring, or getting a drink out of the bathroom faucet.


Like her brother and best buddy Peeps, Pansy is a friendly, gentle, people-oriented kitty who appreciates some special attention from her foster mom. She is super-playful and loves all of her many toys and really enjoys a good morning romp with her brother.

Did You Know: An old Italian superstition says that a cat sneezing is a good omen for anyone who hears it.
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