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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th! Meet your new best friend at an adoption event this weekend or browse our black kitties online.


Echo loves to climb! Whether it's on a kitty tower or a person's shoulders, he is ready to play. He will greet you at the door and cuddle up when he is worn out from playing with brothers and sister.


Like her brother and best buddy Peeps, Pansy is a friendly, gentle, people-oriented kitty who appreciates some special attention from her foster mom. To Pansy, all the world's a toy, including the water faucet or a damp shower. She loves to flop down on the floor for a good long stretch and invitation for a tummy rub.


Deke is an active and playful little guy! A bit of a clown, he keeps his foster family and his foster siblings entertained and occupied. He is affectionate and sweet and likes to curl up in a warm lap for a short rest; then he is back to chasing someone's tail or a toy mouse or laser light or perhaps swatting at the dog's tail.


My name is Clary. I was rescued under a bush near a restaurant by 4 women who went out to get some food on their lunch break. As soon as they got out of the car I squawked as loud as I could to get their attention.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is an absolute sweetie who has loved people from day one! Although she doesn't tend to do much lap perching, she will eagerly greet her foster mom and lay close to her to watch TV. She is a prize-winning nuzzler and loves having her belly rubbed! She will often climb onto the back of the couch and affectionately rub all over the top of her foster mom's head.


Nelson is a sweet spunky kitten with an adorable face. He looks a little like a pug! He enjoys curling up next to you to sleep and will purr purr purr. He was bottle fed since he was two days old and therefore loves people and loves to be handled.


Gwen is very gentle, sweet, and loving. She adores playing with toys and will sometimes fetch them to you. An extra-soft fluffy fleecy bed will make her purr and purr. She likes to snuggle up next to her person on a comforter.



Cameo is an ever-so-gentle girl and an undemanding companion. She is the kind of cat that will always be quietly nearby and paying attention, but never on top of you. She and her sister Cassidy would be a perfect fit for the "work at home" person who would like un-intrusive cat companionship.


Charlie is the best of both worlds- very outgoing, yet enjoys cuddling. He loves playing with his brothers and sisters, whether it's chasing them around the room or falling asleep in a pile! He always seems to be purring and is one of the first to greet you when you come in the room.


Freddie is a very sweet and loving boy who loves to run and play with his foster friends. He quickly becomes buddies with everyone he meets, cat or human. He will snuggle with his foster mom for a few minutes then he's off and running again.


Peeps is that wonderful combination of purry affection and charming goofiness. He approaches life with wonder and boldness and will even venture into the shower when the water is running! He and his sister Pansy can usually be found together, playing with toys, exploring, or getting a drink out of the bathroom faucet.


This wonderful little kitten always has something to say..."Pet me, pick me up, feed me, I want to snuggle!" He adores sleeping with his foster mom and always lets her know when the food dish is empty. He has a knack for getting underfoot, but hopefully soon he will learn how to walk NEXT do his foster mom instead of UNDER her feet.He


Olive and Lucy are darling siblings that love life. They are outgoing, cuddly, and playful. They greet you at the door and love to romp around and then settle down for a good long snooze. They would love to be adopted together, or with another young cat.


Bently loves to explore and play! He is the largest of his litter and enjoys finding new things to play with. He is very sweet and will be the first in your lap, where he is content to sit as long as you will let him.


Lucy is a fun and feisty little girl that keeps up just as well with her big brothers! She is a wonderful snuggler and the first one to curl up in your lap. As much as she loves to play with the other kittens, she really prefers the cuddle up with a person, purring while she dozes off.


Linus is a small and shy fella but will open up for some toys and treats! Linus is a bit smaller than his brothers and sisters but what he likes in size he makes up for in cuteness. He definitely scrappy and keeps up in play time with his big brothers and sisters.

Did You Know: Indoor cats have lower vet bills than outdoor cats.
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