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Open House Cat Tour

Join us for an Open House at some of our cat foster homes on Monday, Jan 18 (Martin Luther King Jr. day). If interested, please fill out an application now, and you will be contacted with additional information, including locations of the participating foster homes. 

Participating Cats:


Jude had a rough start in life. Separated from his mother very young, he was malnourished and very sick when he was rescued. With TLC, companionship from his foster siblings, and lots and lots of good food, he has bounced back! Jude may always be small but he is super sweet and playful.


Jax is an all around lover boy. His purr motor starts the moment he sees you and goes nonstop while jumping into your lap. He is a delightful kitten, extremely sweet, friendly, playful and affectionate. Whenever you sit down or take a nap, Jax will be right there with you, warming you like your personal arm wrap.


Max is a very sweet, friendly and lovable boy who will melt your heart when you meet him. He is just absolutely adorable and sweet, with a nice touch of mischeviousness added in! Max can be a talker, esp.

Mama Boo-Boo

'Mama' came to us with the name Boo-Boo. She was a great mom to a few of our kittens, and so became known as Mama Boo-Boo. Mama is a small kitty with delicate features. She is very gentle, loving and affectionate and always likes to see where you are and what you are doing.

Queen Elsa

Elsa is such a warm and loving girl. She starts purring as soon as you pick her up. When she isn't running around playing with her brother and sisters, she can be found snuggled up with her 4 year old foster sister of the human variety.


Chester can be a bit shy at first with new people and cats. However, after a couple of weeks he settles in quite nicely to new surroundings. You will often find him sitting and looking out the window chirping at the squirles and birds or curled up on the couch with one of his foster siblings.(Anna,


Living with sweet and gentle Roxy aka Miss Lady, has been like watching a rosebud in bloom. She is a sweet and gentle soul who loves to be close to her human, giving nose bumps, sweet kisses or gently taking treats. Roxy enjoys sitting with you while you pet and brush her.

Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney, aka Andy is a loving, sweet and playful young lad, a great all around young cat who is always happy to see you. Andy is a talker and a toucher who likes to lay at your feet or perch where he can reach out and touch you.


Paco is Mia's brother. Big, soft, and cuddly, he's a super sweet lapcat. He's got an amazing plush coat that makes everyone want to snuggle him. When Paco's hanging out with you, his purr just keeps on going. He loves to be with his people and be involved in whatever they are doing.<p>Paco


Beta is a very sweet, gentle and laid back gentleman. The only difference between Beta and other cats is that he has three legs instead of four which comes with an endearing hop when he walks! He does everything just as well as any other cat, including jumping up and down and using the litter box without any special props or assistance.


Harriet is a sweetheart! She is a bit less rambunctious than the slightly older kittens she's being fostered with, but she is so sweet and gentle. She lives with kittens, adult cats, a dog, and kids, and she's accustomed to everybody, but she doesn't like the dog much.


They call me Kiki and everyone says that I'm a real cutie! I'm still a little shy but my foster mom loves me lots so now I love to do yoga kitty stretches so she can rub me all over and even tickle my feet.


Lily can be a cuddly snuggler or she can sometimes choose to go off on her own. Never fear, when dinner is near she will always be near! Lily shows her sweet and affectionate side which are always on her terms.


Mia is Paco's little sister. Although she is very self-sufficient, Mia also likes a good cuddle in your lap from time to time. She has a loud purr and an amazingly soft plush coat! <p>Mia grew up with three brothers so she can play and wrestle with the best of them.


Meeting Delta is a delightful and unforgettable experience. One look at her and you are immediately smitten with her gentle aura and striking good looks. Delta is a sweet and loving young lady who loves getting petted, brushed, and curling up with you to take a snooze.


Nitika, aka Tika, is a very special girl, initially reserved until she gets to know you. She enjoys getting petted, stroked and loves it when you talk to her! She perks up when she hears your voice and will often talk back to you, getting up and stretching in hopes that you will come over to pet her.

Did You Know: An old Italian superstition says that a cat sneezing is a good omen for anyone who hears it.
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