Black Cat Friday

Join us at a special adoption event featuring our black cats on Black (Cat) Friday.
November 25th, 2016
South Square Petco

Can't make it to the event? Meet our Black Cats online:


Simone is very sweet, friendly and loving. She's playful but also enjoys cuddling up on your lap and purring. She is bonded with her sister Francine; they snuggle together.


Francine is a petite girl, a but shy at first but soon becomes a sweet companion. She will poke you with a fore paw when she wants more attention- so her nickname is "Pokey". She also likes to snuggle with her sister Simone and would very much like to be adopted with her.


Nike was rescued from a feral colony and quickly adjusted to the good life. He enjoys soft beds and regular meals! He is a spunky boy that loves to play and be active. He enjoys being around his people and other cats and loves mealtime.


Alaska is affectionate, playful, and simply adorable. He was rescued with his sisters Madelyne and Heather.

Mr Miracle/Michael

Mr Miracle is a happy-go-lucky cat who just wants to play, romp, and then snuggle with his human. He loves to purr and will roll over for pets and love. He is a bed cat, and wants to be near his human at night, too.


Yoda is very wise for his young age but that doesn't stop him from going into playful kitten mode. He is a very active boy who loves running, playing, and chasing balls, feather wands and catnip toys with his foster friends. When he's not playing you can find Yoda cuddling with his foster mom or napping in his favorite cat tree by the window where he can also watch the birds go round.


Playful, black female kitten w/white her under chin rescued with her sister and brother Madelyne and Alaska


Erwin is a confident cat with a big personality! He enjoys interactive toys and loves being the center of attention. He is independent, but can be a lap cat at times, and enjoys assisting his foster mom at the computer. Erwin is assertive in going after what he wants, and may let you know if he does not think you are paying enough attention to him.


Sprite is an extremely loving and gentle kitten. She is petite and sleek but that doesn't stop her from playing with her foster brother. She purrs at your touch, gives Eskimo kisses and loves people once she gets to know them. She will play with her toys or jump up on the couch to curl up in your lap for some TV time.

Mama Boo-Boo

'Mama' came to us with the name Boo-Boo. She was a great mom to a few of our kittens, and so became known as Mama Boo-Boo. Mama is a small kitty with delicate features. She is very gentle, loving and affectionate and always likes to see where you are and what you are doing.


Anise is a young kitty who was found, dodging cars, in a grocery store parking lot. After she was rescued, she quickly warmed up to the idea of regular meals and human companionship and has proved herself quite a charmer. She has a cute tiny meow ans a little "feed me(!)" dance while waiting for dinner to be served.


Raven is a treasure! She will take her time getting to know a person, but will become your best friend if you let her. She is a quiet, undemanding cat who would enjoy a quiet lifestyle. She would enjoy having a cat friend, but children may be too rambunctious for her.

Lucky Luke

Luke is shy at first but once he warms up to you he is such a love bug! Luke is certainly lucky to find himself in the IAR program along with his sibling, as they were found in an abandoned house with no one to feed or care for them.


Mistletoe is a kitten who loves to play! Laser pointers, feather toys, balls, other cats, you name it, he'll play with it. While still a little people-shy, he will warm up after a few good play sessions. He's come a long way in foster care and is ready to come even further once he finds a forever home.