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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day on Friday, November 27! Meet your new best friend at an adoption event this weekend or browse our black kitties online.


Autumn Joy is an uplifting kitten with the sweetest disposition. When her foster Mom first met her, she was closed up in a small cardboard box with air holes, no blanket, and a small litter box. It sounded like the box was purring, and a little black nose was stuck inquiringly out of one hole.

Mama Mia

Mama Mia is an absolute sweetie who has loved people from day one! Although she doesn't tend to do much lap perching, she will eagerly greet her foster mom and lay close to her to watch TV. She is a prize-winning nuzzler and loves having her belly rubbed! She will often climb onto the back of the couch and affectionately rub all over the top of her foster mom's head.


Aladdin is a sweet, affectionate and playful young kitten. You can ususally find him with his brothers Mowgli and Finn. Aladdin loves his people, cat and dog foster pals. He is a well behaved and playful kitten, always ready for a fun time.


Willem is a dream of a kitten. He talks to you a lot with little mews and purrs just to let you know he is still around and will wait patiently until you have time to pick him up and cuddle him.

Mama Boo-Boo

'Mama' came to us with the name Boo-Boo. She was a great mom to a few of our kittens, and so became known as Mama Boo-Boo. Mama is a small kitty with delicate features. She is very gentle, loving and affectionate and always likes to see where you are and what you are doing.


Chino is a sweet, friendly and affectionate kitten, always happy to see you. She enjoys getting attention and lots of pets and cuddles from her human. Chino is always the first to explore anything new and she loves to play and nap with her brother Chippe and other cat friends.


Pecan totally had me fooled. When he first joined our household, I thought he was a little shy. Nothing unusual, just slightly hesitant when he first met folks. But in fact, what he is is smart. He's not scared, he's observant.


Mako is the absolute sweetest, friendliest, most playful, and most affectionate kitten that you will ever meet! She is definitely the "life of the party!" Mako has never met a stranger and loves to give hugs and lots of little sandpaper kisses.

Black Bear

Black Bear, aka Bear, can sometimes be a mellow cat sitting on the windowsill soaking up some sun, but he tends to be playful as well. He's also very affectionate, and will let you pet/scratch him for a while, and blink and lick to say thank you.


Jax is an all around lover boy. His purr motor starts the moment he sees you and goes nonstop while jumping into your lap. He is a delightful kitten, extremely sweet, friendly, playful and affectionate. He loves to play with all kinds of toys and can often be found playing or napping with his BFF Amber who he would love to be adopted with.


Kuma is a sweet little kitten who is all about people! She loves to play with her kitten buddies, but prefers to follow her foster mom around like a shadow. Little Kuma also loves to be held and snuggles into your neck, all while purring, and she never wants to be put down.


Austin is an adventuresome and cuddly little guy. He can be a bit shy at first, but his courage kicks in pretty quickly and, like most kittens, he is full of energy and loves to explore his surroundings. He enjoys looking out the window for birds and squirrels, chasing after his ribbon toys, and playing with the cats and dog in his foster home.


Alvin is a sweet boy who is full of energy and loves to play with people and other cats! He has been raised with his siblings and his mom so he is used to other cats. I also have children so he would do great with children!

Alvin is spunky but loves to be held and loved on! I do not have dogs so i could not say if he would tolerate dogs.


Molly is a sleek and elegant little girl. She's less rambunctious than her sibling Desmond but very forward when she wants your attention. Molly loves to flop in your lap when she's done exploring. She would do well with any of her kitten cohort (Desmond, Sky, Kite, or Jude)


Desmond is a handsome gentleman. He is equally at home napping in your lap or wrestling with Sky. The biggest of the Beatles kittens (Jude, Sky, Kite, and Molly are the others), he has a cool and unflappable vibe. Desmond would do well with any of his kitten cohort.


Ella (Fitzgerald) is a member of the JAZZY KITTY FAMILY. She is super sweet and playful with her sibs and human family. Ella loves to ride on her foster moms' shoulders and purr in their ears. She's the only girl in the litter AND the runt, but has a big personality, and holds her own with her 5 brothers.


I lost my Mommy recently but I still hae my Sister Rita. We are not kittens but we act like them! We also love laps and to sleep on people at night to keep them warm :)

Sister Rita

I lost my Mommy recently but my brother Sebastian keeps me company. We love to play together, sit on laps and sleep on people at night to keep them warm.

Did You Know: Most cats spend about 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves.
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