Black Cat Friday

Join us at a special adoption event featuring our black cats on Black (Cat) Friday.
November 25th, 2016
South Square Petco

Can't make it to the event? Meet our Black Cats online:


Anise is a young kitty who was found, dodging cars, in a grocery store parking lot. After she was rescued, she quickly warmed up to the idea of regular meals and human companionship and has proved herself quite a charmer. An independent lady, that once she gets to know you she is quite the attention hog, announcing her desires with not meows, but adorable chirps.


Yoda is very wise for his young age but that doesn't stop him from going into playful kitten mode. He is a very active boy who loves running, playing, and chasing balls, feather wands and catnip toys with his foster friends. Yoda is wide open and doesn't miss a trick! Anything new in the house is fair game for Yoda to explore.

Lindy Lu

Lindy is a clever girl who loves to play and snuggle. Once she knows you are her friend, she will run to greet you and flop over and roll around as you rub her tummy and scratch behind her ears. With her soft fur and distinctive markings, she is a lovely, lively, two year old kitty who is looking for a family to return her love and affectionate company.

Susie Q

Susie Q is a playful and deeply affectionate kitty. A petite girl with lovely markings, she is an adorable companion who loves tummy rubs, head butts and cuddly lap time. At just two years old, she remains a playful kitty who loves softballs, feather wands, laser light games, and bird-watching.

Miss Pixie

Miss Pixie is a laid back girl who would love to have someone to curl up on the couch with. She loves her food and treats and might even bat at a toy or two. A relaxed home without too much noise to disrupt her naps would be best for Miss Pixie.


Puss is truly a gem of a companion cat: a gentle, calm kitty who happily lies in a sunny spot on your couch or your bed. Spend a little time stroking and chatting with her and she will be your faithful friend, curling up next to you for a snuggle.


Erwin is a confident cat with a big personality! He enjoys interactive toys and loves being the center of attention. He is independent, but can be a lap cat at times, and enjoys assisting his foster mom at the computer. Erwin is assertive in going after what he wants, and may let you know if he does not think you are paying enough attention to him.


Sebastian is such a handsome guy, with a regal face. Although he acts serious and shy, he loves to roll on his back and have his tummy rubbed. Sebby, as he's known, adores his sister Rita and takes things at his own pace.

Henri the Magnificent

Henri the Magnificent is the Peter Pan of cats. He loves toys as much as any kitten. He tends to be as attentive as a Golden Retriever loving attention. He is perfectly fine as an only feline, but this could change as he matures.

Maggie May

Do you love your kitties fun-sized? Maggie May is your girl! She's petite but that doesn't slow her down - in fact, she puts it to her advantage in exploring every nook and cranny. She also loves to keep you company: she'll follow you around the house, and when arriving in a room, she announces herself with a few "chirps" - just to let you know she's there - and then comes over for snuggles.


Arwen is a beautiful kitty with a sweet personality. She is chatty and likes to talk to her foster mom with her soft, squeaky voice. She sometimes crawls in her foster mom's lap for some snuggling, or curls up by her side and purrs as she gets the back of her ears scratched.

Mr. Fluffles (Fluffy)

Mr. Fluffles is a true charmer and full of purrs. He loves to rub against you and is not opposed to being cuddled.


Raven is a treasure! She will take her time getting to know a person, but will become your best friend if you let her. She is a quiet, undemanding cat who would enjoy a quiet lifestyle. She would enjoy having a cat friend, but children may be too rambunctious for her.

Charlie Chaplin (Charlie)

He's still a bit shy, but enjoys playing with his toys. He enjoys naps at the top of his climbing post in the home cubbie. Charlie also plays with his siblings, LeLee and Mr Fluffles.


Jake is a very sweet and confident little cat. When he first came he was a little shy but not anymore. He gets along with cats and even likes the dog. His favorite thing is to jump in my lap, rollover on his back and squirm around while I pet him.


BJ needs someone who will care enough to help her regain a little of her youthful figure for the sake of her health. She gets what exercise she can by following you to the food cupboard each time you walk in that direction but is almost as happy to be given a nice petting session as she is a few morsels of food (she wishes it was more!) She is a glorious cat - you will love her! She will love you for loving her! She is a special friend to Popeye and would like to bring him along to live with


Pepper is a very active kitten who loves his toys and is most apt to follow me around the house. He is a little more reserved than his siblings. He loves attention and will readily purr when petted. This handsome guy would love to be adopted with one of his siblings or another similarly aged kitten


LeLee is inspired by Leila Ali. When she approaches something she is unsure about, she boxes it. She has a sweet purr and is learning about the world.

Lucky Luke

Luke is shy at first but once he warms up to you he is such a love bug! Luke is certainly lucky to find himself in the IAR program along with his sibling, as they were found in an abandoned house with no one to feed or care for them.

Mr Miracle/Michael

Mr Miracle is a happy-go-lucky cat who just wants to play, romp, and then snuggle with his human. He loves to purr and will roll over for pets and love. He is a bed cat, and wants to be near his human at night, too.

Sister Rita

Rita has a sparkle in her eye as she chases the feather toy and then jumps up for some rubbing under her chin. This girl is easygoing, sweet and fun and loves to hang out with her brother Sebastian. Rita is the leader of her pack of two and always content to snuggle up for a nap.