April is Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month

They're still the apple of your eye, just a bit riper.

Here at Independent Animal Rescue, we adore our senior pets. That's why we're taking a moment to shine the light on our dogs and cats who are living their golden years with gusto! We would love for you to join us in this celebration by helping our senior pets find their forever homes. If you or someone you know is ready to adopt, take a moment to meet these sage souls with the white and gray muzzles; you might meet a pet just your speed! After all, some of us don't particularly care for 5K runs or playing tug-of-war for 3 hours straight. Instead, how about a leisurely stroll, or perhaps take in a movie with your new best friend... and you don't even have to share the Junior Mints.

And don't forget, with the adoption of any senior pet, we will cut the price by half (so $75 for dogs, $50 for cats). Now that’s something worth celebrating!


He doesn't eat spinachm but we think he ate everything else because he certainly grew into big strong guy! And even though he does need to go on a bit of a fitness program to turn some of that f** into muscle (don't mention this to him), he is the most endearing big cat.


Maghee has a youthful, playful energy that belies her age. She loves playing with my two male dogs, but is on edge around other female dogs in the neighborhood. She loves to chase a ball, too! Maghee doesn't bark at people walking past the house but will bark a few times if someone knocks on the door.


Jazzy is the shy type until she feels comfortable in her new home. She is very vocal regarding her food and asking for a good brushing (her two favorite things). She loves a good brushing on a regular basis. She likes to hang out near you, and will rub against your legs or meow when she wants food.

Cinnamon Toast

Cinnamon Toast is such a happy-go-lucky and friendly lady. Always glad to meet new people, you can see it in her wagging tail and adorable smile. Check out the video below to see how wonderful she is with a 12-year-old child she'd never even seen before! You'd absolutely never know she's ten years old.


Hammet is a smart, well-behaved dog who carries himself with intelligence and grace. He is a bit shy at first but after he gets used to the environment, he is really affectionate. He loves his dog bed, where he likes to sleep most of the time.

Miss Pixie

Miss Pixie is a laid back girl who would love to have someone to curl up on the couch with. She loves her food and treats and might even bat at a toy or two. A relaxed home without too much noise to disrupt her naps would be best for Miss Pixie.


Lilly is shy at first, but is learning to enjoy her new foster home. She is a sweet, playful, affectionate girl, who will walk back and forth across your lap while giving some serious thought to laying down on it! She loves to play with her toy mousies and REALLY loves to go after her feather teaser wand! She is fast and determined! Lilly has the sweetest, gentlest little meow, and calls her foster mother to come and play with her in the evening.


Hughes is a very friendly and low maintenance cat who loves to play with flying toys and be around his owner. Hughes prefers to view the world from upside down, as his favorite relaxing position is on his back. Hughes will roll over and stretch, waiting for a belly rub and stretching his arms out so you don't miss under his arms.


Scrappy is a friendly senior kitty who loves to be petted and tolerates belly rubs. Give this lovely older gentleman a chance - he will steal your heart!


I love to talk to everyone who meets me! I will come to you and snuggle but I'm not crazy about being picked up and held. I'm always running around chasing little balls and playing with toys on wands.


Donnie is sweet, loving, and sensitive. He's housebroken, walks well on a leash, and knows lots of words including "ball," "breakfast," and "walk." Donnie is intelligent, affectionate, eager to please, and enthusiastic. He's learning to curb that enthusiasm when he meets new people and dogs.


Nitika, aka Tika, is a very special girl who initially is reserved until she gets to know you. She enjoys getting petted, stroked, and loves it when you talk to her! She perks up when she hears your voice and will often talk back to you, getting up and stretching in hopes that you will come over to pet her.


Bess is a sweetheart! She adores being petted and loved on. Bess also has a playful side. She likes to chase a feather toy or a ball. Bess and her brother Beau were returned to IAR after being adopted five years ago due to changes in their home situation.

Honey Dew

Honey Dew is a very sweet lady who is on the shyer side. But just give her a little bit of time to get to know you, and she quickly warms up! And sometimes she immediately feels safe and loving toward people: Check out the video below to see how wonderful she was with a woman and a 12-year-old child she'd never even seen before! When Honey needs to go potty she will bark to let you know.


Beau is a very handsome and sweet boy! He loves his sister Bess and through no fault of their own, they found themselves returned to IAR five years after being adopted out as tiny kittens.

Beau is confused and scared as his world has been turned upside down.

Rocky V

Rocky V is the best dog ever! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is SO sweet, sweet, sweet. And he is so joyful! Rocky V is rarely without a big smile on his face. Always ready to go for a walk, he even skips with joy, and trots as fast as his little legs will let him! He is fully housetrained; and comes, sits, and stays upon request.


BJ needs someone who will care enough to help her regain a little of her youthful figure for the sake of her health. She gets what exercise she can by following you to the food cupboard each time you walk in that direction but is almost as happy to be given a nice petting session as she is a few morsels of food (she wishes it was more!) She is a glorious cat - you will love her! She will love you for loving her! She is a special friend to Popeye and would like to bring him along to live with


Majesta is the sweetest cat. She loves to be brushed and loved on. She purrs nonstop. She enjoys scratching posts and uses the litter box perfectly. She was originally adopted with a sibling, so has lived with other cats, but might also enjoy being an only cat in a home where she could get a lot of human attention.